Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Boise Idaho

River Sober Living ensures that our partnered alcoholism addiction treatment centers and services utilize the latest procedures and techniques that are practiced throughout the industry and have been shown to have lasting effects.

A simple but structured zero-tolerance sober living environment is the first step to Boise alcoholism addiction treatment. 

We strive to offer these unique recovery platforms in the form of sober houses throughout the Boise Idaho area.



Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Boise

Some of our partners offer life-changing outpatient addiction treatment for adolescents and young adults.

Unlike larger rehab facilities, they purposefully maintain lower enrollment numbers so that they can really take the time to offer a personalized alcoholism rehabilitation experience.

Using proven therapeutic approaches that promote family involvement, they help young individuals who are struggling with addiction turn their lives around.

Other partners of ours focus on lives that are affected by mental and emotional stress or chemical dependency.  Their philosophy is that nobody needs to cope alone.

They provide a safe and secure environment for addressing the pressing problems that can dominate those lives in our care. Intermountain Hospital is one such partner that accepts Idaho Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.


Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Boise - Zero-Tolerance Sober Living


Boise Idaho Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Centers

One partner is Idaho’s premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center and has been since 1976. 

It is also one of the leading alcoholism treatment centers in the northwest, they have helped thousands find their way back to family, friends, loved ones and jobs.

As a not-for-profit facility, they provide high-quality, evidence-based treatment services at affordable prices.

Recovery 4 Life specializes in helping adults, adolescents, and children who struggle with addiction or are living in homes where addiction has taken its toll.

They employ only the best professional social and health care experts who specialize in substance abuse and alcohol abuse recovery.

Their experienced staff provides the environment and support you need to live a healthy and addiction free lifestyle.


I was actually introduced to River by my counselor. However, nothing I expected prepared me for the excellence here. In a short time, I’ve made incredible friendships and feel true support and accountability. The residence is immaculate. We all are proud to be living here, and gladly work together as brothers to keep the place up to the incredibly high standards called for. I feel plugged in to Boise and many opportunities I’d never have discovered on my own. Being new to recovery as well as Boise, this experience truly has been the exact answer to my prayers.
— J. Tyer, River Resident