Inquiries from family members, loved ones and treatment centers regarding an individual in recovery or in active-addiction are welcomed and encouraged, but to schedule a Residency Agreement Interview, River must first speak with the applicant.

Residency Agreement Interview Pre-Qualification Requirements:

  • Verbal confirmation of being self-motivated to sustain sobriety through personal growth.
  • Currently not under Federal or State supervision or a fugitive of justice.
  • No convictions of sexual crimes, arson, burglary or a record showing a propensity for violence.  

Upon qualification, a Live-In House Manager or the Director of River will conduct the Residency Agreement Interview in-person at your prospective River House or at the applicant's substance abuse treatment facility.

Documents to be filled out and signed by the applicant during the Residency Agreement Interview:

  • Resident Application
  • Agree to a background check which is completed within a matter of minutes.  *(Previous terms of parole and/or supervised probation and felonies are not an immediate disqualification, but misrepresentation will result in the denial of residing at a River House
  • House Rules
  • Residency Agreement

After the interview and background check is completed and all required documents are signed, the applicant will be a Resident of River Sober Living.

I never wanted to live the life that drinking and using afforded me – I always wanted to live my vision of a successful life by being emotionally, financially and physically available to myself and my family and to live up to my potential, but I could never get there AND drink at the same time. I lived a life of inner-conflict because I was morally and emotionally in a continual tug-of-war with myself. I was not whom I chose to show to the world, my family and myself. I was better than that, I knew it, I just couldn’t get there by running away, drinking and using.
— Brandt Gibson, Founder of River Sober Living

River accepts privately-funded and BPA Health-funded individuals.



Privately-Paid "Residency Fee":
$545/month due at the time of signing the Residency Agreement and every 30 days thereafter.  On a case-by-case basis, River will accept $275/2 weeks due upon signing the Residency Agreement and is due in-advance thereafter.

BPA Health-Funded "Program Fee" (to be paid privately by the Resident):
$100/month due at the time of signing the Residency Agreement and every 30 days thereafter until funding expires.  The Resident will then transfer to privately-paid.


To be BPA Health funded for Safe & Sober Housing, you must also be enrolled in a BPA Health approved and funded substance abuse outpatient treatment program.  If you would like to know the process of applying for BPA Health resources, click here:

River Management covers ALL utilities and there are no "extra" house dues once becoming a Resident.

River provides it's Residents with:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi 
  • Direct TV satellite with premium channels
  • Flat-screen TV in common areas
  • Landline house phone
  • All kitchen needs
  • Bedding, bathroom towels and travel-size toiletries if needed.  
  • Bed, night stand, lamp, shelving, dresser and closet space.
  • Never more than (2) housemates per bedroom.
Stay sober, that way, people will know the truth.
— Anonymous friend in recovery