Dependent upon the nature of the offense, River will accept applications from individuals that have been convicted of crimes, however, they cannot currently by under State or Federal supervision.  River accomplishes (3) things with this operational guideline:

  1. A brotherhood exists in our house. Residents have the common bond of being self-motivated to sustain sobriety and repair or maintain their lives through personal growth. None of River's Residents are required to live at a sober house by their parole or probationary terms.
  2. Environment-expectations are solidified.
    "Am I going to be living with someone that could possibly have a recent and undisclosed criminal history that is violent or threatening?"  No.

    "Could there be teams of armed parole officers coming to our house to do bed checks, and will I be subject to search by them even though I'm not still under, or have never been under supervision myself?"  No.
  3. For the first time in our Boise community there is a sober living house that is an appealing recovery resource to not only those in recovery that have never had any involvement with the criminal justice system, but also to individuals who are no longer under State or Federal supervision. Sober Living Houses driven by self-motivation, peer-support, accountability and recovery are an amazing resource.

River Sober Living is the house that Moms, Dads, loved ones and treatment centers can have confidence in when referring the individual who is struggling with addiction and alcoholism, and that they themselves can call when they need to establish a basis in life for living sober.

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River Sober Living's Founder lived in over 10 different sober living houses throughout his recovery process from Boise to California, Arizona and Hawaii.  What made the difference between a flop-house and a clean, healthy and safe environment he could take pride in calling his home always came from the top:  the sincerity of the Founders in their resident's living-environment, their success in recovery and whether or not the house had a Live-In House Manager.

Every River House has a vetted
Live-In House Manager

The Live-In House Manager functions as a leader in sobriety. He holds Residents accountable to the Zero-Tolerance Policy and to the House Rules which ensure cleanliness, functionality and help River Houses to be welcomed in the neighborhood, not feared.