River accepts applications from men only aged 18 years and older who are not currently on parole or felony probation.  Past terms of parole are not immediate dis-qualifiers.  Upon receiving an application, River will contact the applicant via a phone call to set up an in-person interview at the prospective River House with either the Live-In House Manager or the Director of River.  Over-the-phone interviews can be conducted if the applicant's circumstances require it.  
You meet us and we meet you.

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Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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Emergency Contact: *
Emergency Contact:
Emergency Contact Phone: *
Emergency Contact Phone:
Are you CURRENTLY on parole or felony probation? *
Have you ever been convicted of a sexual crime or arson? *
Have you ever been convicted of robbery, burglary, battery or ANY violent crimes? *
Are you currently on supervised misdemeanor probation? *
Are you willing to submit to a background check? *
Every Applicant must be background checked prior to signing a Residency Agreement.
Do you suffer from addiction and/or alcoholism? *
Are you self-motivated to sustain sobriety through personal growth? *
Are you currently at an Inpatient Treatment Program or attending an Outpatient Treatment Program? *
If yes, are you willing to sign a release of information for River's Management?
For the sole purpose of verification of your sobriety.
River may need this information in order to contact you over the phone.
Are you CURRENTLY BPA funded for Safe and Sober Housing? *
If yes, what was the date the you first became funded for Safe and Sober Housing?
If yes, what was the date the you first became funded for Safe and Sober Housing?
Will you be APPLYING for BPA funded Safe and Sober Housing assistance to pay your Residency Fee at River? *
Will you be paying privately for River's Residency Fee of $545/Month? *
Have you ever lived at River or any other Sober Living House? *
Are you self-sufficient and can you effectively communicate with others? *
River Sober Living has no clinical staff nor clinical training.
Have you ever been diagnosed with any mental health disorders beyond alcoholism and/or addiction? *
Declaring disorders will not immediately disqualify you from being a Resident. River needs to ensure that we have the support you may need.
Are you currently taking ANY medications? *
i.e., medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction (MAT), insulin, pain medications, Adderall, psychotherapeutic drugs, etc.
In case of relapse and your Residency Agreement is terminated, do you have any plans in place? *
River is a zero-tolerance Sober Living House. If relapse occurs, the Residency Agreement will be terminated and the individual must leave the River House under the direction of River Management, which could be to leave immediately. In this case, River will take steps to try and help ensure the individual has a place to go. The individual is welcomed and encouraged to reapply after a 30 day period.
Include name, relation to you and their contact info.
Facebook, Instagram, 12-Step Meeting, Community Event, Treatment Center, Media, Friend, Family, etc.?
What is the date that you would like to move into River Sober Living? *
What is the date that you would like to move into River Sober Living?