When I was living at the sober houses that River Sober Living is modeled after, people of all walks of life and backgrounds were present because they knew that the house was filled with support and recovery-driven guys. I’ve lived with attorneys, stock brokers, retail salesman, restaurant employees, tradesman and husbands that got kicked out of the house. We were all different, but we were all self-motivated, working a recovery program and participating in our lives. Because of the brotherhood and growth that was present, it wasn’t uncommon to see guys living there for a year or more.
— B.G., Founder, River Sober Living

To help ensure that River is a recovery-driven environment, every Resident must attend no less than (3) AA/NA, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, or any other spiritual,12-step based and/or religious congregations per week during their first (6) months of residency, and at least (1) per week thereafter. If the Resident is attending a treatment center program that requires (9) or more hours per week, they must attend no less than (1) meeting per week.

We are repairing and progressing our minds, bodies, souls, family relationships and friendships, going to school, working jobs, going to recovery meetings of all kinds, volunteering, exploring new interests and living out aspirations we've always had but couldn't act on because of drug and alcohol abuse and the personal struggles that preceded it.

We are taking advantage of opportunities for personal growth.

River collaborates with passionate individuals, businesses and organizations that provide community-advocacy volunteer opportunities for our Residents, and also donate time and resources to River's LEAP and Resident Calendar by coaching job-skills, life-skills, recreation, hobbyist activities, sport-minded interests and spiritual exploration. Attendance is popular with our Residents but always optional.  

Most all of our "River Calendar" events are designed to be for our Residents AND their family members if they wish, and sober-friends can be included in many of them as well.