Applicant Pre-Qualification Requirements:

  • Self-motivated to sustain sobriety through personal growth.

  • Currently not on parole or felony probation or a fugitive of justice. Past terms of parole or felony probation are not immediate dis-qualifiers.

  • No criminal convictions of sexual crimes, arson, burglary or a record showing a propensity for violence.

  • Self-sufficient and able to effectively communicate with others. River has no clinical staff nor clinical training. River's policies, resources and brotherhood help support individuals in recovery as they find their own path to sobriety and a productive life.


River accepts privately-funded and Idaho State-funded individuals.

Privately-funded residency fee:
Double room: $545 / 30 days
, due upon intake and in advance every 30 days thereafter.
Single room (when available): $895 / 30 days, due upon intake and in advance every 30 days thereafter.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare-funded program fee: $100 / 30 days, due upon intake and in advance every 30 days thereafter. For information regarding funding click below:


River Management covers ALL utilities and there are no "extra" house dues once becoming a Resident.

River provides it's Residents with:

  • A vetted, qualified, experienced and fully vested Live-In House Manager

  • A brotherhood of self-motivated and recovery-driven housemates

  • A clean, sanitary, sober and prideful environment to call home

  • Locations suitable for residents with limited transportation means

  • Unlimited, high-speed business class Wi-Fi internet

  • Direct TV satellite with premium movie channels

  • Flat-screen TV in common areas

  • Landline house phone

  • All kitchen needs and appliances

  • BBQ and propane

  • Laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and bathroom needs

  • Bedding, bathroom towels and toiletries if needed

  • Bed, night stand, lamp, shelving, dresser and closet space

  • Never more than (2) housemates per bedroom

004_Living Room.jpg
Stay sober, that way, people will know the truth.
— Anonymous friend in recovery
I never wanted to live the life that drinking and using afforded me – I always wanted to live my vision of a successful life by being emotionally, financially and physically available to myself and my family and to live up to my potential, but I could never get there AND drink at the same time. I lived a life of inner-conflict because I was morally and emotionally in a continual tug-of-war with myself. I was not whom I chose to show to the world, my family or myself. I was better than that, I knew it, I just couldn’t get there by running away, drinking and using.
— Brandt Gibson, Founder of River Sober Living