House Manager's Message

“When I took my first step onto the path of recovery, I knew I needed to make some major life changes, but I never dreamed it would become as life changing as it has. My program of recovery has become my life’s work, and it’s led me to carry the message of hope to others pursuing this transformative journey. Now, in this role as the house manager of River Sober Living, I’m a leader in working recovery, helping others pursue a healthier, more honest way. Just weeks into it, I’ve seen relationships restored, family trust rebuilt, and brotherhoods formed. There’s something powerful we’re establishing here as we all work together to build stronger lives in recovery.”  
— C.W., Live-In House Manager, River Sober Living

Resident Testimonials

Brandt (River Sober Living Founder) and I met three days prior to River officially opening. That meeting turned out to be a blessing for both me and the people who love and care for me most. I couldn’t be more grateful for the community of brothers and friends I’ve met while here at River Sober Living
— Bryan, River Resident
I was looking for a sober living house to move into after completing rehab . I was so Blessed to have a counselor recommend River Sober Living in Boise, ID. This house is above and beyond what I was expecting. The house has a great atmosphere of pro-active recovery as well as exceptional living arrangements. It is true when you work toward recovery GREAT things happen. Many Thanks To River Sober Living.
— L.G., River Resident
“While placing an emphasis on personal accountability, without the peer-support of my housemates and guidance from River’s management I would not be down the path of long-term sobriety like I am today. Providing structure in a safe environment, River provides the foundation upon which I can build a better life for myself, my loved ones, and the community.”  
— A.S., River Resident
“Having recently relocated to Idaho from out of state, I was absolutely baffled by the prospect of getting my life together without having any established connections here in Boise.  I took a leap of faith and checked myself into a Detox unit here in town, still unsure of what would happen after that.  I was fortunate enough to find River Sober Living, which I can only explain as either the luckiest sequence of events I’ve ever experienced, or divine intervention to some degree.  Finding a home here and establishing comradery and respectful friendships among the other guys in the house is absolutely the best situation I could ask to be in right now as I work on my recovery.”
— K.W., River Resident
“This is my third sober living house I’ve lived in in Boise, and I can honestly say that it’s the first group of guys that I can truly connect with on a recovery level. Whether it be going to meetings together, hiking, going to the gym, or just hanging out at the house, I know that I am in a place that supports my need to stay clean and sober.”
— G.R., River Resident